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Dear Friends,

The Tulare County League of Mexican American Women (TCLMAW) is one of the oldest non-profit organizations in Tulare county.  We have been working since 1979 to provide scholarships for deserving students of Tulare county.  We also create activities that include workshops, community projects and cultural events. We are proud to develop programs that enable the community to gain a better understanding of the culture and needs of Mexican Americans, particularly women.

We continue to seek donations to keep our organization active.  Below you will find our donation slip.  If you can help us, either as an individual, or a corporate or organizational sponsor, please make your check out to TCLMAW, or Tulare County League of Mexican American Women.  We are a 501 (c) and all donations are tax-deductible.

Several friends have donated items to be sold for fundraising.  Some of these items are paintings, art items, textiles and jewelry.  These items will be displayed at quarterly luncheon meetings and announced through e-mail.  We gladly accept items that can be sold for fundraising purposes.

Thank you for your time in considering this request.  For any other information please feel free to call Norma Cano at (559) 786-7617.  


Fundraising Committee Members:
Leticia Garcia, Ramona Walker, Norma Cano

                     _____$10      ______$25      ______$50       _____$100        ______Other

Name:   ____________________________________________________________
Company:  __________________________________________________________
Address:   __________________________________________________________
City:    ___________________      State:  __________        Zip Code:  _______________
Telephone: _________________    Email:  __________________________________

Please make checks out to:  TCLMAW
Mail to:  TCLMAW
P.O. Box 4453
Visalia, CA  93278

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